Configuring X-Lite 4.0 or Bria for use with PBX as a Service

The basic configuration required to set up X-Lite 4.0 or Bria to be used with PBX as a Service is shown below...


User ID and Password is available on the PBX web gui. 

In Voip Commander -> PBXaas (Manage) -> Edit the relevant extension -> Username and Secret.




Domain should be:


User ID, Password and Display Name should be substituted as appropriate.


If you are experiencing issues dialling numbers beginning with +, please set the following under Dial Plan:


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    I really struggled with this, compounded by the other XLite article which has different domain details. In the end this is what worked for me:

    User ID = In Voip Commander -> PBXaaS (manage) -> Edit the relevant extension -> Authentication: Username

    Domain = (doesn't seem to be indicated anywhere inside VOIP COmmander so just go with it.

    Password = In Voip Commander -> PBXaas (Manage) -> Edit the relevant extension -> Authentication: Secret

    Also, if you try too many times your IP will be blocked...  I was getting unknown error and error 408. You can unblock your IP by going into the Neural Portal, click Settings on the top right of the navigation bar, and there is an option to Unblock an IP Address (there's also another article on here that explains how to do this).


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