Create a Timed Diversion

To put a timed divert in place, first log into the PBX's management interface. To do this, login to VoIP Commander, then under the PBX tab click manage next to the target service.

On the left hand navigation bar, click Extensions > Ring Groups, then create a new ring group.

When setting up the ring group, assign it a unique name and 3 digit extension number. In the large box labelled 'extensions', enter the phone number/s you would like it to ring. This can be landlines, mobiles or other extensions.

If you would like the call to go back to the voicemail box on the PBX, rather than on a mobile, click the advanced button, enter the extension number of the voicemail box in 'last extension', select the yes button for 'last extension is voicemail', and set timeout to something less than your mobile's (say 15/20 seconds). Click save.

- For more detail on Ring Group settings, please see the following: Ring Group Settings

Finally, on the left hand navigation bar, navigate to Queues > Queues. Click the edit button next to the queue you would like the timed divert to affect, then click Show Advanced Options. Set the 'Max wait seconds' field to the amount of time you would like the call to ring before being diverted (for example "30", for 30 seconds). Set the 'Max wait extension' to the unique 3 digit ID of the ring group you created above.

- For more detail on Queue settings, please see the following: Queue Settings

Click save. Once you've completed all your changes, please click reload at the top right once.

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